Fall Fest 2017

Booth setup
Jenette setting up our booth early on Saturday Morning.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at Fall Fest last Saturday in downtown Garden City!  Our goal was to let the community know what we’re about, gauge public interest in our different Labs and show off some of the cool things our members will be able to make when the MakerSpace is up and running. It was a great day!

Yuriy brought  his 3D printers from GCHS (where he heads up the Robotics team) and Chris brought his laser cutter. We ran 3D prints and laser-engraved pieces all day, making a few

Drone pic
GPMS board members Yuriy Drubinskiy, Dave & Vicki Germann, and Shannon Dick look to the skies as Yuriy pilots a drone overhead.

custom designs with visitors and explaining how the equipment works. Yuriy also brought one of the robots he built, along with his camera-toting drone. Overall, we drew quite a crowd!



Chris chats with some future GPMS members.

We met a ton of great people, and had all kinds of interesting maker-y conversations. Also, we had 52 people sign up on our contact list, indicating their interest in becoming GPMS members. Most of them also indicated which Labs they’re most interested in (woodworking, textiles, etc.) so we know which areas we should focus on first. Overall, it looks like the Woodworking Lab and Fabrication Lab were at the top of the list, followed closely by Welding and Textiles.

If you weren’t able to make it to our booth, but you’d like to be notified when memberships are available, leave a comment below! Also, check out the Lab List and let us know which Labs you think you would use the most.

Taking that first step

Like many projects the first step is often the hardest and oftentimes jumping right in is just the best way to go.  So after years of thinking, and numerous months of research and planning, we were excited to have the Garden City Telegram get the word out that we are looking at making a MakerSpace in Garden City.  See the article here!

So it is give us great pride to say that we will be working our hardest to build a Western Kansas community space for the inventors, tinkerers, dabblers, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, the big ideas and the small, the novice and the expert, the “wouldn’t it be cools” to the “I have to learn how to fix this”, and the old calloused hands and those that haven’t yet had a blister.

We are honored to take this first step in making Garden City, and Western Kansas, a better place for creating, inventing, collaborating, exploring, teaching, and learning!

Thank you for this opportunity!