Taking that first step

Like many projects the first step is often the hardest and oftentimes jumping right in is just the best way to go.  So after years of thinking, and numerous months of research and planning, we were excited to have the Garden City Telegram get the word out that we are looking at making a MakerSpace in Garden City.  See the article here!

So it is give us great pride to say that we will be working our hardest to build a Western Kansas community space for the inventors, tinkerers, dabblers, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, the big ideas and the small, the novice and the expert, the “wouldn’t it be cools” to the “I have to learn how to fix this”, and the old calloused hands and those that haven’t yet had a blister.

We are honored to take this first step in making Garden City, and Western Kansas, a better place for creating, inventing, collaborating, exploring, teaching, and learning!

Thank you for this opportunity!

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